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Library Instruction Request Form

Please note:
Library research today is overwhelmingly Web-based and instruction often involves time-consuming orientation and on-the-spot troubleshooting. In order for your classes to get the most out of the short time they spend in the Library's classroom, please:

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Course and section number:

Course name:

Days/times class meets:

Number of students:

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Course content, assignment, research topics

Please be as specific as possible. Specify any information which library faculty can use in planning your class's instruction session (e.g., syllabus, assignment, list of topics students have chosen, etc.). Also, please include any resources or databases you would like covered. You can see a list of all of our databases here. ENG101 instructors should also complete this form.

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Prof. Galina Letnikova
Coordinator of Instruction
Phone: 718-482-5476
Fax: 718-609-2011

Bokul Bahar, Instruction Assistant
Phone: 718-482-5476