Selection Policy for Media Materials

The main purpose of media selection is to provide the college community with non-print materials which can support and enrich the curriculum or enhance professional training and development. Titles or subjects may be suggested by faculty, library or media staff to meet any legitimate curriculum objective or need, but must be previewed and evaluated for purchase by the Media Coordinator and the requester. Materials are identified through catalogs, screenings, reviews and television broadcasts. Criteria for evaluating non-print materials such as film, video and videodisc include:

  • suitability of content
  • appropriateness of age level, educational level
  • superior technical qualities
  • absence of racism, sexism, bias.

Before purchase, titles are checked for availability through the 2 film consortiums to which LaGuardia belongs. If unavailable, purchase orders are directed to sole venders because each usually obtains exclusive rights; otherwise, lowest price is sought.