Faculty Fridays: What does it mean if your published article is under embargo?

An embargoed article is temporarily not available to the public for a specified period of time except through a subscription to that journal or by paying for access per article. Embargoed articles aren’t accessible through full text databases either for this period unless the institution also has a subscription to the article’s journal. Embargo periods last at least 6 months and sometimes as long as a few years.

Avoid the embargo–you may be able to self-archive your work by submitting a version of your article to CUNY Academic Works, the University’s institutional repository. About 80% of academic journals allow some form of self-archiving. Learn how to submit on Academic Works guide. Or contact one of the Campus Coordinators for guidance and help: Prof. Elizabeth Jardine (ejardine@lagcc.cuny.edu, x5450) or Prof. Ann Matsuuchi (amatsuuchi@lagcc.cuny.edu, x5213)