How can I place material on Print Reserves?

Book Literature Library Education  - Jananec / Pixabay

In order for your materials to be processed and made available to your students at the start of the semester, please follow these guidelines:

  • Please fill out the Print Reserves Request Form for each item that you would like placed on Print Reserves
  • Make your requests as early as possible (availability of items can vary widely)
  • Requests will be processed on a first come, first serve basis (material that must be located or recalled will require additional time)
  • If you would like the Library to purchase Print Reserves books, you must request that they be placed on order with the college bookstore via your department. Otherwise, we ask that you place a personal copy of the book on reserve.
  • Material will remain on reserve for the requested semester only. Unless you request otherwise, all material will be removed at the end of the semester and returned to the circulating collection, and personal material will be returned to faculty.

Material which CAN be placed on Print Reserves:

  • Books owned by the Library — to expedite your request please get the book(s) from the Stacks and bring them to the Circulation Desk
  • DVDs owned by the Library
  • Personally-owned DVDs (not duplicated); the Library is not responsible for loss of or damage to personal copies
  • Personal copies of books (the Library is not responsible for loss of or damage to personal copies)
  • Photocopies of articles or book chapters you are requesting (the Library does not photocopy)
  • Course ephemera: syllabus, assignments, etc.

Material which CANNOT be placed on Print Reserves:

  • Library Reference books or Reference videos (refer students to the Reference area or Media Desk where materials can be used)
  • Interlibrary Loan books
  • Library periodicals
  • Electronic Reserves material

Copyright Guidelines:

  • The Library will comply with the current copyright guidelines for CUNY libraries. Where materials do not fall within fair use, they may still be placed on Reserves providing permission is being sought from the copyright holder. The Library reserves the right not to accept materials for Print Reserves if it judges that the nature, scope or extent of the material is beyond the reasonable limits of fair use, and will not knowingly accept materials that violate copyright law.
  • The following can be used as guidelines for copyright compliance: (C)OPYRIGHT@CUNY