How can I put material for my class on Electronic Reserves (E-Reserves)?

  • Please fill out the E-Reserves Request Form
  • Materials may be submitted in paper format, or in an electronic format (Word, Excel, PDF, HTML)
  • Lengthy documents will be broken into smaller parts to minimize downloading and printing time.
  • The library will NOT scan/place entire books on E-Reserves
  • When an article is available in an electronic journal, please indicate the appropriate database in your syllabus instead of placing the article on E-Reserves
  • Sorry, staff does not send confirmation regarding the receipt or status of a request. All instructors are encouraged to view the ERes site to check on the availability of the requested material prior to assigning it to their students.
  • Passwords will be assigned for every course page. It will be the instructor’s responsibility to disseminate the password to the students. Staff will not distribute passwords to students.
  • The Library will comply with the current copyright guidelines for CUNY libraries. Where materials do not fall within fair use, they may still be placed on E-Reserves providing permission is being sought from the copyright holder. The Library reserves the right not to accept materials for E-Reserves if it judges that the nature, scope or extent of the material is beyond the reasonable limits of fair use, and will not knowingly accept materials that violate copyright law. Instructors who manage their own E-Reserves course site must obtain copyright clearance for material they place on their site. Some material is prohibitively expensive to place on reserve electronically; in such cases, the Library will try to purchase a print copy.
  • For managing your course site, or for technical concerns, please contact Chris McHale at