Ebooks of the Week (Pop Music)

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Here are some ebooks on popular music, found in Ebook Central, and Gale Ebooks, and

K-Pop : Popular Music, Cultural Amnesia, and Economic Innovation in South Korea by John Lie
…provides not only a history of South Korean popular music–the premodern background, Japanese colonial influence, post-Liberation American impact, and recent globalization–but also a description of K-pop as a system of economic innovation and cultural production.

Oye Como Va! : Hybridity and Identity in Latino Popular Music by Deborah Pacini Hernandez
…traces the trajectories of various U.S. Latino musical forms in a globalizing world, examining how the blending of Latin music reflects Latino/a American lives connecting across nations.

Pulse of the People : Political Rap Music and Black Politics by Lakeyta M. Bonnette
Bonnette examines the history of rap music and its relationship to and extension from other cultural and political vehicles in Black America…

Queer Tracks: Subversive Strategies in Rock and Pop Music by Doris Leibetseder, Professor Stan Hawkins, and Professor Lori Burns
Queer Tracks describes motifs in popular music that deviate from heterosexual orientation, the binary gender system and fixed identities

The Story Behind the Song: 150 Songs that Chronicle the 20th Century by Richard D. Barnet, Bruce Nemerov, and Mayo R. Taylor.
Explains the story behind each song’s creation and how it reflected political, economic, and social events of the time.

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