Library Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The faculty and staff of the LaGuardia Community College Library stand with Black colleagues in opposition to white supremacy and the systemic racism woven into the fabric of American society. The ongoing work to change ingrained systems like this begins at the individual level. We agree to commit to the daily work of dismantling these oppressive systems, not through performative statements, but rather through daily positive actions, an ongoing commitment to life-long learning, equitable access, open pedagogy, open science, and a willingness to engage with anti-racist and anti-imperialist ideas that might make some of us uncomfortable. This work also requires our acknowledging and correcting behaviors that hurt our Black colleagues and embracing collaborative, expansive decision-making to help accomplish this goal. Change begins with personal accountability and we agree to hold ourselves, as a department, but also as individuals, accountable.

Libraries and educational institutions need to acknowledge their role in establishing and validating racism. Libraries need to redefine themselves as safe spaces to learn and unlearn, critically inquire, explore, and reflect. The faculty and staff of LaGuardia Community College commit to taking actions to become more inclusive and supportive of social justice.