Literary Criticism Guide

Literary Criticism homepage

Check out this library research guide to help you find literary criticism, titled Literary Criticism.

Retro Thursdays (Manchild)

Manchild album cover

You might have one of these in your life, but we definitely have one in our collection. Some solid soul funk for ya: Call # R9737 from the John W. William Collection.

Read Make

Make magazine

Find this and other print journals, newspapers, and magazines in our Periodicals section, where all titles are arranged alphabetically. To see if we have something in our print collection, you can consult the Classic Catalog.

Evaluating News Sources

Evaluating news sources homepage

Check out this library research that helps you evaluate news sources on the World Wide Web, titled Evaluating News Sources.

Faculty Fridays: The Drive to 500


LaGuardia’s institutional repository, Academic Works, is within sight of posting its 500th item! Right now we’re at 478 works. Will number 500 be an article by faculty or staff? Will it be an open educational resource (OER)? Will it be Read More …