Criminal Justice & Criminology

Criminal Justice & Criminology HeinOnline’s database assists in your research of criminal behavior, the criminal justice system, and the societal impact of crime.

HeinOnline Academic

HeinOnline Academic Historical and government documents, including U.S. statutory materials, U.S. congressional documents, U.S. treaties, constitutions of the world, collections of classic treatises and presidential documents, and access to state and federal case law.


LegalTrac Indexing for major law reviews, legal newspapers, specialty publications, Bar Association journals, and international legal journals.

LLMC Digital

LLMC Digital (Law Library Microfilm Consortium) Law Library Microfilm Consortium (LLMC) offers access to legal and government documents, either on film or digitally.

Legal Source

Legal Source Articles from 1908 to the present on current issues and trends of the legal world.


JSTOR Scholarly journal articles in area studies, art, business & economics, history, humanities, law, medicine & allied health, science & mathematics, and social sciences.  See the video tutorial.

Gale Ebooks: Law

Gale Ebooks: Law Reference books, including the Encyclopedia of the American Constitution and West’s Encyclopedia of American Law.