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Videotaping Production Guidelines

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In order to receive optimum benefits for use of campus or classroom shoots, instructors and students should follow these procedures:

BOOKING AND CANCELLATION: Please fill out a Videotaping and Editing Services request form in E-101 or online at least ten days in advance, specifying your requirements. A signed copy will be returned to you as confirmation. If you must cancel your taping session, please notify us at least 48 hours in advance.

PLANNING MEETING: Please schedule an appointment with a Media Services technician at least three days prior to your taping, so we can jointly discuss your objectives and our procedures in meeting them.

REMOTE TAPING: Prior to a classroom taping, the instructor and technician should discuss the following:


  1. Only projects directly related to LaGuardia Community College - no work of a personal nature - will be accepted.
  2. A work order (available in E-101), indicating the scope and purpose of the project, dates and times, must be submitted one week in advance of use. A signed copy will be returned to the requester as confirmation.
  3. All recording stock, such as blank discs and tapes, must be supplied or purchased by the requester. Supplied stock must be returned to Media Services after use.
  4. A Media Services technician will be assigned to each project and will supervise individuals during use of editing facilities. A planning session should be arranged with the technician prior to beginning work.
  5. Finished programs may include the following:
    1. color bars and tone
    2. countdown with slate (master copy only):
      • Title:
      • Date:
      • Running Time:
    3. title and program
    4. closing credits:
      • Director:
      • Producer:
      • Editor:
      • Camera:
      • Graphics:
      • Sound:
    5. facility's title as follows:
      Production facility:
      Library Media Resources Center
      LaGuardia Community College/CUNY
      31-10 Thomson Avenue, E-101
      Long Island City, NY 11101
    6. copyright:
      Copyright © Year, LaGuardia Community College/CUNY
  6. A copy of the edited master, duplicated by Media Services, must be deposited in the Library's collection of in-house productions on completion of the project.
  7. Finished tapes may not be sold, broadcast, cablecast, or duplicated without prior written permission of Media Services and LaGuardia Community College.