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Research Guide: Government Publications

Search Government Publications -
Provides centralized access to government services and information.

Catalog of Government Publications (MOCAT) -
Search for publications by subject, author, or government agency in any format.

Federal Digital System-
An A-Z resource for federal government agencies and publications.

Core Documents of U.S. Democracy

Core Documents of U.S. Democracy -

Our Documents -
Offers 100 documents important to United States History.

New York State Government Information and Publications

New York State Home Page -

New York State Government Information Locator Service -

New York State Data Center -

New York City Government

Columbia University's Guide to New York City Documents -

The Official New York City Website -

Some helpful Government Links:

Blog site -

College Navigator -
Consumer information on colleges. Includes programs offered, retention and graduation rates, prices, aid available, degrees awarded, campus safety, and accreditation.

Congress -
Access to a Directory, listing of congressional activities and a full text of the constitution. Now includes information on the activities of Congress and any new legislation.

Consumer Information Catalog -

Defense Technical Information Center -
A guide to finding Department of Defense documents and technical information.

GovSpot -
This commerical web site offers user-friendly access to government information.

National Atlas -
Find, create, and customize maps.

U.S. Government Online Bookstore -

Statistical Sources

American Factfinder -
Statistics are available for American population and social and economic indicators.

Census Bureau -
Search all the statistics collected by Census Bureau.

Data -

Fedstats -
An a-z topical approach to finding statistics collected by government agencies.

Updated 8/24/15
Prof. Jane Devine