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Research Guide: LaGuardia's 40th Anniversary

LaGuardia has gone through a lot of changes in its first 40 years. A quick way to see some of these changes is to study some of the various documents that have been made available here. Below, you'll find two study guides and links to our digital archives, all of which let you explore some of the publications created within the LaGuardia community.

Here is a guide to help you research LaGuardia's history.

Here is a guide to help you research the history of CUNY, including LaGuardia's place in CUNY history.

More digital documents can be found here: http://academicworks.cuny.edu/lg_arch/.

For more information on LaGuardia's first 40 years, visit the Library's Institutional Archives and the College's 40th Anniversary site.


image of 1972 catalog

College Newsletters

image of 2000 college newsletter

Student Newspapers

image of 1974 student newspaper


image of 1987 yearbook