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Research Guide: Higher Education Literature

This guide is designed to connect faculty with the best resources for higher education research.

Database Resources:

Education Focus

Related Areas

Key Higher Education Journals
The following journals have been highly ranked by the utility "Journal Citation Reports." Remember, if you don't know which journal to look in, you are still better using a discovery tool like ERIC first to indentify literature, and then finding the journals indicated.

  1. Journal of Higher Education
  2. Studies in Higher Education
  3. Research in Higher Education
  4. Review of Higher Education
  5. Higher Education
  6. Diverse Issues in Higher Education

Data and Statistical Resources
There are a number of places to look for numerical data on your topic. Below find a list of likely location to find data resources.

NCES (nces.ed.gov)
The National Center for Education Statistics is the statistical wing of the Department of Education, and the most comprehensive repository of data related to all facets of education. The searching works well, and there are also data slicing tools for more advanced users.
See in particular IPEDS for post-secondary data sources and reports.

Statistical Universe (not available via LaGuardia)
This resource scans data from multiple sources, including government data, materials from associations and organizations, and other sources to create a large, searchable file of tables and abstracts.

Compiled by Alexandra Rojas