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Research Guide: Legal and Paralegal Research

Legal Research | Paralegal Research

Legal Research



Encyclopedias and Dictionaries


Legal Research


Specialty Sites

A subject search of the Web can help locate legal sites designed for special interest purposes. Many of the above research sites will also help identify and offer links to specialty sites for easy access. Examples:

Statutes & Legislative History

Paralegal Research

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Library catalogs

This pathfinder will be useful in finding information about legal resources. This guide will help you locate electronic and print resources. Throughout your research, please feel free to ask a Librarian for help.

For an introduction to the topic, see: American Bar Association

Key Resources at a Glance

Case Law:

Case Finding

New York Case Law – Free Access:


Online Citators:


Web Sites

Legal Citation Guides


**Compiled by Jane Devine - Revised 8/04
Revised by Alexandra Rojas - 2017