Plagiarism & Citation Resources for Faculty

What is Plagiarism?

"Plagiarism—the act of presenting another person’s ideas, research or writings as your own. Examples: Copying another person’s actual words without the use of quotation marks and/or footnotes, failure to acknowledge a source when using information that is not common knowledge or failure to acknowledge collaborators on homework or laboratory assignments."

LaGuardia Community College Policy on Academic Integrity (PDF)

Consequences of Plagiarism:

Violations of academic integrity involve the imposition of sanctions in accordance with the College’s definitions of academic dishonesty."

LaGuardia Community College Policy on Academic Integrity (PDF)

The Common Types of Plagiarism:

Details can be found here:

General Resources:

How to cite & which citation style should I use?

The two main styles of citation in use at LaGuardia are:


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