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Research Guide: Veterinary Technology Resources

General Information

American Animal Hospital Association
The accrediting institution for companion animal practice in the United States. The organization offers free student membership and information on advanced Vet Tech training as well as basic companion animal guidelines for care that are useful for clients.

Animal Diversity Web, Anamlia
This is a selective online encyclopedia of animal natural history, created by University of Michigan Museum of Zoology and written for college students under the Vision for Change in Biology Education initiative. The site disclaimer suggests that as this is written by students all due verification is recommended. The site has information on thousands of species with illustrations and recordings of sound in some cases.

ASPCA American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
This non-profit organization began in the 1800s to prevent abuse of working horses. Today its mission is to alleviate and prevent abuse and suffering of all animals. The site offers some health information, legislative action for animal protection and, animal adoption and pet-finder services.

Humane Society of the United States
The Humane society site explains and describes public-awareness campaigns, programs, legislation, activist alerts, and educational publications. There are numerous state-wide affiliated organizations.

This page has some practical guidance for Veterinary professionals and members of the public regarding preparedness for emergencies. In late 2007 FEMA and the Humane Society developed specific toolkits online offering advice for pet and and wildlife for care in emergencies and disasters. They now have independent study courses based upon those toolkits.

HealthyPet.com is sponsored by the American Animal Hospital Association (AHAA) and offers practical information particularly under the Pet Library Link. AAHA is a membership organization that accredits hospitals in the USA and Canada.

International Veterinary Information Service (IVIS)
IVIS provides free access to online textbooks and other services through creation of free log-in to Veterinarians, clinicians and students. Martindale's Virtual Veterinary Center contains links to full text of select journals, most with a one year publication embargo. The site also provides links to Veterinary schools and courses. Links are also provided to dictionaries and glossaries.

Medline Guide to Healthy Web Surfing
This guide is invaluable for all medical professionals and general readers. The Medline pages also offer links to use of Web-based information from many accredited medical and library associations.

National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association (NWRA)
The association holds annual symposiums and the website offers practical advice for rescue and rehabilitation of wild birds and other species for laymen. The careers link offers search results for Veterinary technicians that are available nationwide.

New York State Wildlife Rehabilitation Council
This non-profit organization website offers contacts for the region for aid in wildlife rescue. It also provides training and licensing opportunities as well as information on policy and legislation. The website states: "The primary goal of our membership-based organization is to promote professionalism in the field of wildlife rehabilitation and to provide wildlife rehabilitators with educational and technical support."

Washington State University, School of Veterinary Medicine
Online dictionary/glossary to Veterinary medical terminology.

Wildlife Conservation Society
The Wildlife Conservation Society saves wildlife and wild lands through careful science, international conservation, education, and the management of the world's largest system of urban wildlife parks. From this link you can find the NYC zoos and worldwide conservation activities and centers from Africa to Europe and Asia.

U.S. Government Documents, Laws, Policy Statement And Animal Welfare And Lab Alternative Sites

The National Agricultural Library (NAL) Online Access to its database is also available at this government site with a search engine.

The Animal Welfare Act
The latest versions of the laws are posted here in full text.

Animal Welfare Information Center of the United States, Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service, National Agricultural Library, USDA.
AWIC provides information for improved animal care and use in research, teaching, and testing and sections on animal testing alternatives, literature searches, databases, legislation, and regulations.

Guidelines for Ethical Conduct in the Care and Use of Animals
The American Psychological Association's Committee on Animal Research and Ethics (CARE) developed these measures.
A link is available at: www.nap.edu/catalog/5140.html to Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals. National Research Council, Washington D.C.: National Academy Press. (2010) 10th edition. Part of the text is available free online. A hard copy is sold on the site.

Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing
Altweb Alternatives to Animal Testing on the Web

This link serves as a gateway to news, information, Internet resources, and information about the Center's activities and programs. It offers links to other animal welfare and alternatives testing sites. Full sets of clinical research images, most of which are open to public, and a good basic veterinary terms glossary are also online. The sit also has an extensive database on pain management.

New York State Office of the Professions Veterinary Technician License Requirements
Lists general requirement and regulations, filing fees and application information. Office of Professions is also governed under New York State Education Department.

U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Center for Veterinary Medicine Online Library
The site is also available from USA.gov - www.usa.gov. which provides centralized access to government services and information. USA.gov is available through Library and Media Resource Center homepage, through a click on "Units and Services" them "Government Documents". It is also available on the WEB. In this site, the newsletters, abbreviations, medication approved for veterinary use and other links are useful for Veterinary Technology studies and others in Life Science and environmental studies.

Accredited Veterinary And Veterinary Technican Training Programs And Related Information

Suffolk County Community College
This SUNY school offers a veterinary technology program and has an excellent resource page directing readers to many free information sources and other animal related sites which are useful for the public and for students.

University of Pennsylvania. The CAL (Computer Assisted Learning) pages.
This site offers classic case studies for small, large companion and farm animal dermatology oncology and more. For the Veterinary technician the pictures and case studies are very valuable.

Cornell Veterinary Medicine
Cornell University, Cornell Veterinary Medicine: Flower Sprecher Library
Most of the library resources are limited to Cornell users. Many are available to LaGuardia students on the LaGuardia Library Home Page. The gateway to the fee-based VetAccess is found on the library page.

Delhi College
This site has some links to the Vet tech program and general information.

Alfred State College, SUNY
Alfred is a New York State Technical college offering Associate and Certificate programs. The Veterinary Technology program is part of the Agricultural Program.

Royal College Of Veterinary Surgeons. VET WEB
Presents links to International Veterinary Technicians Association and British Veterinary Association.

Professional And Commercial Sites

American Kennel Club
The AKC is a breeder organization. Their website offers a good picture guide to major approved show and companion dog breeds.

AVTA association of Veterinary Technician Educators, Inc.
Membership required for some resources. Students will find links to National certification exams and links to Canadian and European programs and professional initiatives.

Cat Fanciers Association
General information about cats from commercial breeders is available in the print magazine (available in the LaGuardia library) and on the website. The site also includes veterinary information with documentation on subjects such as declawing. Site has other links to breeders and other information sites.

NAVTA: National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America
NAVTA, PO Box 224, Battle Ground, IN 47920 765-742-2216
The site offers listings of accredited programs, state license agreements and special programs for professions. The full archive of recent newsletters is available. The LaGuardia Library and Media Resources Center has print collections of the NAVTA Journal through 2008. Membrship is open to students for an annual fee of $25. The organization is part of the International Veterinary Nurses and Technicians Association (UK).

NetVet and the Electronic Zoo History
A veterinarian designed this site. It contains general information for pet owners and veterinarians. It was originally based at the University of Washington. It has extensive links to all resources including Government documents and law governing animal testing and agriculture as well as information on alternatives to animal testing, and health resources for the public. Most information is covered by copyright.

OIE – World Organization for Animal Heath
Offers information on zoonoses, animal welfare, animal health,food safety,veterinary,animal disease,animal,health,animal production.
The organization led to the creation of the Office International des Epizooties through the international Agreement signed on January 25th 1924. In May 2003 the Office became the World Organisation for Animal Health but kept its historical acronym OIE. The OIE is the intergovernmental organization responsible for improving animal health worldwide. It is a reference organization and in 2011 has a total of 178 Member Countries and Territories.

Society for Companion Animals
Offers access to some full text articles related to companion and household pets. Many are scholarly discussions of the benefits derived from animals in areas of drug rehabilitation and psychological and physical therapy.

VIN (Veterinary Information NetWork)
A fee based professional organization site for licensed veterinarians. The site offers student access and has several open access offerings.
Veterinary Partner (www.veterinarypartner.com) is part of the VIN website and offers free access to basic articles for use by veterinary technicians and pet owners on subjects ranging from behavior to disease.

By Marie Cimino Spina
Updated July 2014