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FAQs for reserve

What is a fourteen-day loan?

Additional copies of textbooks as well as outdated editions of currently used textbooks are available for self-service in the Permanent Reserve Textbook Collection.

It is important that you bring the Reserve textbooks back on time so that other students can use them. In order to maximize the availability of textbooks for students, the Library has developed the following policies:

Additionally, fines for reserve items are much steeper and accrue more quickly than normal fines. Any items not returned on time will accrue fines at the rate of $6.00/hr., up to $100.00 dollars. Books will be billed for replacement after 7 days overdue, resulting in a suspension of a student's Library record, and a registration block. If you have any questions about this program, please contact the Library's Circulation desk, (718) 482-5426.

See also: textbook borrow