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Need to sell your old textbooks?

Check out Campus Book Swap - It's a student-run electronic bulletin board for posting up books you are selling. It limits posting and searching to individual schools to make it easier for buyers and sellers to meet up to complete transactions.

Discover America’s Story

New content added to our Lexis-Nexis Academic database subscription - Discover America's Story

Discover America's Story focuses on small-town, rural, and "LOCAL" articles and reports on what is happening in-town and in-county while providing a local point of view on bigger issues such as state, regional, national politics and world affairs. The product is rich with articles relevant to geographic locations often under-reported or overlooked by mainstream news coverage such as natural resources, agriculture, land use, water rights and farming. "Small-town" news, op-ed, business, arts, government and life in general are covered well, plus published legal notices and obituaries are included.

To see a list of publications included in the collection, click the "Browse Sources" tab and type "Discover America's Story" in the blue Find a Source box. Click the "I" icon next to the source title for more information.

The direct link for this source is:

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The Library is pleased to announce extended hours for Reading Day, Friday, December 11:

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"Little animals" in rainwater

Observation of "little animals" in rainwater (1676) - Observations, Communicated to the Publisher by Mr. Antony van Leewenhoeck, in a Dutch Letter of the 9th of Octob. 1676. Philosophical Transactions

Trailblazing, an interactive timeline launched in celebration of the Royal Society's 350th anniversary, includes 60 fascinating articles and commentary from the journal Philosophical Transactions.

Highlights include:

  • The gruesome account of an early blood transfusion (1666)
  • Stephen Hawking's early writing on black holes (1970)
  • Benjamin Franklin's account of flying a kite in a storm to identify the electrical nature of lightning — the Philadelphia Experiment (1752)
  • A scientific study of a young Mozart confirming him as a musical child genius (1770)

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