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Tips to Save on Textbooks

Take a look at this New York Times blog posting with tips on shopping for textbooks online. The Student PIRGs also has a good advice sheet, in particular listing some questions to consider when investigating e-textbooks. (Thanks Albert N.!)

Library (and College) Closed Until 4:30 PM January 27 Due to Snow

The College and Library are closed until 4:30 PM today due to the snow. Visit for updates.

And if you have nothing to read at home, consider reading an eBook.

Wikipedia turns 10 years old

Wikipedia recently celebrated its 10th birthday on January 15, 2011. Here are a few articles covering its development:

Library will be closed on Mon. 1/17/11 in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

The college will be closed on Monday, January 17 in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. No classes are scheduled.

Check out the college events being held in celebration of his life and work. A great selection of biographical articles, photos and resources are available via library databases such as Biography Reference Bank.

Weather announcement: Library will be open regular hours on Weds. 1/12/11

The college is open and day and evening classes will held as scheduled.

Batgirl vs. Library Budget Cuts

A clip from the campy 1960s Batman tv series shows Batgirl (a "Gotham City" public librarian) looking for an article from an academic journal that the library can no longer afford to subscribe to as part of her crime-fighting activities. Good thing Batman/millionaire Bruce Wayne has a personal subscription.

A scientific analysis of snow shoveling

Discover Magazine's NCBI ROLF blog posts entertaining studies (usually real) such as the one describing why the Times New Roman font is funnier than Arial. In the wake of the snow shoveling many New Yorkers just finished doing, check out this study about snow shoveling in our database ScienceDirect: "The effect of technique and shaft configuration in snow shoveling on physiologic, kinematic, kinetic and productivity variables."