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Library Hours Spring Break 2013

The Library will be open Monday, 3/25 through Tuesday, 4/2, from 9:00 am to 4:45 pm. CLOSED on Saturday, 3/30 and Sunday, 3/31.

Regular hours resume on Wednesday, 4/3. Our schedule is here. Enjoy the holidays and the break!

Gaming Google Scholar Metrics

In the library, we often talk about how problematic Google search results can be. Google Scholar Metrics and Citations are potentially powerful and useful bibliometric tools. But lots of caveats remain, both about these tools but also about an over-reliance on seemingly objective data as a measure of scholarly impact. Spanish researchers (Emilio Delgado López-Cózar, Nicolás Robinson-García and Daniel Torres-Salinas) have demonstrated how easy it is to trick Google with fake documents and even fake scholars. More on the Google Scholar experiment here.