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BMJ’s Holiday Gift to Readers

BMJ’s Holiday Gift to Readers

The BMJ (British Medical Journal) a reputable journal (open access) publishes a special “Christmas issue” every year. The New York Times (also available via Academic One File) describes this issue as being a “real” one: “For the past 30 years, BMJ has devoted its Christmas-week issue to a lighter and sometimes brighter side of medicine, publishing unusual articles that vary from simply amusing to bizarre to creative or potentially important. All are based on methodologically sound science…But this was no April fools’ issue: Dr. Lock insisted that the articles meet the same rigorous criteria as research published in regular issues.”

This is misleading since it sure seems like the BMJ enjoys punking the media.The catchy titles of this Christmas issue studies get reported without disclaimer by sources not limited to entertainment blogs, like the LA Times (Study: Were James Bond’s drinks shaken because of alcohol induced tremor?) and Reuters (Like a virgin (mother): analysis of data from a longitudinal, US population representative sample survey).

Take a look at the BMJ 2013 Christmas TOC here. It includes The survival time of chocolates on hospital wards: covert observational study.

Celebrate the New Year by Reading a New Book

Are you looking for something fun to read over the holidays? Why not swing by the new books shelf and see what we've recently purchased? There are lots of great, interesting titles to explore.

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And if you feel overwhelmed by all of the choices? Check out some of our past Books of the Week, assembled each week by Betsy Crenshaw, which spotlight some wonderful titles.

LaGuardia Library Book of the Week: Bodies of Subversion

Cover of ''Bodies of Subversion: A Secret History of Women and Tattoo''

Bodies of Subversion: A Secret History of Women and Tattoo by Margo Mifflin

"Bodies of Subversion was the first history of women's tattoo art when it was first released in 1997, providing a fascinating excursion to a subculture that dates back to the nineteenth-century and including many never-before-seen photos of tattooed women from the last century.

This revised and expanded edition remains the only book to chronicle the history of both tattoos on women and female tattooists, and contains all the information and images that made the original edition the primary reference for the history of women and tattoos…

The book contains 50 new photos and FULL COLOR images throughout including newly discovered work by Britain's first female tattooist, Jessie Knight; Janis Joplin's wrist tattoo; and tattooed pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber. In addition, the updated 3rd edition boasts an all-new, sleek design; new chapters documenting recent changes to the timeline of female tattooing, including a section on: celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D, the most famous tattooist, male or female, in the world; the impact of reality shows on women's tattoo culture; and, therapeutic uses of tattooing for women leaving gangs, prisons, or situations of domestic abuse."

From the publisher’s website

This book will be shelved at at GT2345 .M54 2013 with other books on fashion and culture when it is no longer a new book.

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LaGuardia Library Book of the Week: High Line

Cover of ''High Line: The Inside Story of New York City’s Park in the Sky''

High Line: The Inside Story of New York City’s Park in the Sky by Joshua David and Robert Hammond

"A behind-the-scenes look at the movement to save the elevated rail structure on New York City's West Side and its conversion into the popular park, this book alternates between text by David and Hammond (cofounders, Friends of the HighLine) and photographs illustrating the park's past and present. The authors met at a 1999 community board meeting; they had little experience with community organization, development, or design but a large passion for the onetime busy freight transit system dating to the 1930s. Their story of the next decade's ups and downs will appeal to those in historic preservation, landscape architecture, and development, but it will also find a wider audience among the park's many fans. Readers looking for more on the design and plantings will also want to check out Designing the High Line, edited by the Friends of the High Line.

VERDICT A well-deserved celebration of the successful efforts to create the park and a surprisingly good read. Armchair visits are easily achieved courtesy of the wealth of images, e.g., Joel Sternfeld's photographs and Friends of the High Line mailings, which have played important parts in the ongoing saga of the High Line. "

Trendler, Amy. "High Line: The Inside Story Of New York City's Park In The Sky." Library Journal 18 (2011): 76. Academic Search Complete. Web. 19 Nov. 2013.

This book will be shelved at at F 128.65 H54 D38 2011 with other about New York, when it is no longer a new book.

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