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LaGuardia Library Books of the Week – Poetry Month

In Celebration of Poetry Month - Recent Poetry Acquisitions

cover of Essential Ginsberg'' cover of ''Milk and Honey''

cover of ''Stranger’s Mirror'' cover of ''Mahabharata : a modern retelling''

cover of ''Citizen : an American lyric' cover of ''How Long is the Present''

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TODAY: ARTstor Workshop

The Library Department presents: ARTstor Wednesday, April 13, 2016 2:15-3:15 Library, Room E101-B The more than two million ARTstor images support teaching and research in nearly every topic imaginable, including Anthropology, Art History, Fashion & Costume, Literature, Religion, Theater, World History, and much more. Meet LaGuardia’s newest librarian and ARTstor expert, Ian McDermott, who will lead this session All LaGuardians are welcome. Please tell interested students. Contact the Library Workshop Planning Committee members, Alexandra Rojas, Catherine Stern or Christopher McHale for more information.

LaGuardia Library Book of the Week: The Edge Becomes the Center


 The Edge Becomes the Center: An Oral History of Gentrification in the Twenty-First Century by DW Gibson

by DW Gibson

The Edge Becomes the Center: An Oral History of Gentrification in the Twenty-First Century By DW Gibson

“In this impressive and multifaceted oral history, Gibson (Not Working) explores "how gentrification affects lives" by interviewing a wide range of people living and working in New York City. As the author makes his way through the gentrified and gentrifying portions of Brooklyn (Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, Bushwick, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Red Hook) and Manhattan (the Lower East Side, Chelsea, Harlem), he interviews real estate agents, contractors, landlords, renters, housing lawyers, community organizers, city government workers, architects, artists, a squatter, a drug dealer, and an investment banker, among others. Common themes include displacement, the contradictory class positions people occupy, the rising homeless population and their "criminalization," the declining stock of affordable housing due to buyouts and deregulation, the way universities (particularly NYU and Columbia) have become some of the biggest landowners in the city, the ballooning waiting list for public housing, absentee landownership, and the forces of capitalism versus democracy. Central to this work are the distinctive voices of the New Yorkers Gibson interviews, the niches they carve out for themselves, and the myriad ways they are molding, and being molded, by their neighborhoods. Gibson manages to capture a global city in flux, in grave danger of losing its diversity--and hence all that makes it special--with its focus on capital investment over the needs of its people.”

"The Edge Becomes the Center: An Oral History of Gentrification in the Twenty-First Century." Publishers Weekly. 23 Mar. 2015: 61. Academic OneFile. Web. 19 Jan. 2016.

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Social Explorer Workshop Thursday April 7th

Social Explorer, created under the leadership of Queens College Professor Andrew Beveridge, provides quick and easy access to current and historical demographic data that may be useful for a wide variety of courses and projects. The easy-to-use web interface lets users create maps and reports to illustrate, analyze, and understand demography and social change. Sydney Beveridge, Social Explorer’s training expert, will be here at LaGuardia on Thursday, April 7th to conduct a training session. Students, faculty and staff are welcome. Thursday, April 7, 2016, 2:15- 3:15, Library room E101-B