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Exhibit: It’s Sweater Weather-Curl Up with a Good Book!

Exhibit: It's Sweater Weather-Curl Up with a Good Book

Come see this new exhibit right outside the Library (E-101)

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays

LaGuardia Library Book of the Week: Stretch

Stretch: Unlock the Power of Less—and Achieve More Than you Ever Imagined, by Scott Sonenshein


“Stretching is the "science of resourcefulness," according to Sonenshein. It's improvising with things on hand instead of searching for the perfect tool. It's being content with what we have rather than weighing our worth against others' accomplishments. And it's refusing to be limited by plans and resources. The author uses stories of successful (and not successful) ventures to illustrate the way that a "stretching" mind-set allows entrepreneurs, artists, and everyday people to stop chasing after more. Admitting that problems are more often solved by outsiders rather than experts, Sonenshein urges readers to move outside their comfort zone and broaden their knowledge rather than hyperfocusing. He offers specific exercises to strengthen a "stretch," including shopping in your own closet, breaking down common things into their component parts to find new uses, and making midyear resolutions. Finally, the author warns of the dangers of overstretching, such as becoming a cheapskate rather than frugal or losing focus when relying completely on improvisation. The emphasis on self-reliance and commonsense is reassuring, and readers will find themselves looking at their surroundings and problems with fresh eyes.”

- Smith, Candace. "Stretch: Unlock the Power of Less-and Achieve More than You Ever Imagined." The Booklist, vol. 113, no. 9, 2017, pp. 19, Education Database,

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Faculty Fridays: Scholarly Communications and Academic Works

City Tech librarian Monica Berger beautifully explicates, “when you share your work in Academic Works [...] you are making a major contribution to a sustainable scholarly future.”
Academic Works, CUNY’s open access institutional repository, supports scholarly communications by disseminating and preserving faculty scholarship.
Do you want to increase the reach of your scholarly works and ensure its lasting impact for future generations? Take a look at Academic Work’s submission policies and reach out to your librarian if you need assistance!

Scholarly Communications and Academic Works

From the ACRL toolkit

ACRL Toolkit

- Post created by Kathleen Fox, MLS student at CUNY Queens College and Health Sciences Librarian at NYC Health + Hospitals / Elmhurst

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LaGuardia Library Book of the Week: Incendiary Art

Incendiary Art: Poems, by Patricia Smith

Incendiary Art

“One of the most magnetic and esteemed poets in today’s literary landscape, Patricia Smith fearlessly confronts the tyranny against the black male body and the tenacious grief of mothers in her compelling new collection, Incendiary Art. She writes an exhaustive lament for mothers of the "dark magicians," and revisits the devastating murder of Emmett Till. These dynamic sequences serve as a backdrop for present-day racial calamities and calls for resistance. Smith embraces elaborate and eloquent language— "her gorgeous fallen son a horrid hidden / rot. Her tiny hand starts crushing roses—one by one / by one she wrecks the casket’s spray. It’s how she / mourns—a mother, still, despite the roar of thorns"— as she sharpens her unerring focus on incidents of national mayhem and mourning. Smith envisions, reenvisions, and ultimately reinvents the role of witness with an incendiary fusion of forms, including prose poems, ghazals, sestinas, and sonnets. With poems impossible to turn away from, one of America’s most electrifying writers reveals what is frightening, and what is revelatory, about history.”

- From the publisher’s website,

PATRICIA SMITH is a National Book Award finalist (2008) and the author of six critically acknowledged volumes of poetry. She is a Cave Canem faculty member, an associate professor of English at CUNY/College of Staten Island, and a faculty member in the Sierra Nevada College M.F.A. program.

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Retro Thursdays: Milking a Cow

Milking a Cow

From the Archives: A Veterinary Technology student milking a cow.

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LaGuardia Library Book of the Week: Be Fierce

Be Fierce: Stop Harassment and Take Your Power Back, by Grethen Carlson

Be Fierce

“In this revealing and timely book, Gretchen shares her views on what women can do to empower and protect themselves in the workplace or on a college campus, what to say when someone makes suggestive remarks, how an employer's Human Resources department may not always be your friend, and how forced arbitration clauses in work contracts often serve to protect companies rather than employees. Her groundbreaking message encourages women to stand up and speak up in every aspect of their lives.”

-From the book jacket.

Other recent books on related topics:
Asking for It : The Alarming Rise of Rape Culture--and What We Can Do About It / by Kate Harding
Stop Global Street Harassment : Growing Activism Around the World / by Holly Kearl
Gendertrolling : How Misogyny Went Viral / by Karla Mantilla

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