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LaGuardia Library Book of the Week: Rain

Rain: A Natural and Cultural History, by Cynthia Barnett


“Spanning a period of more than 4 billion years, environmental journalist Cynthia Barnett’s eye-opening book is enough to make even the most fervent rain-hater experience a change of heart. From the storms of biblical proportions that lashed the Earth when it was newly formed to why Woody Allen prefers to shoot against a rainy backdrop, Barnett addresses rain’s role in science, culture and history with a forensic eye for detail and a good sense of humour.
Rain is peppered with facts but remains succinct and engaging. Presenting water as a unifying force in a fractured world, it will fascinate, delight and alarm, and perhaps even encourage us to pay more attention to changing weather patterns.insights, Entanglement will change the way you see hair forever.”

- Winter, Lydia. “‘Rain: A Natural and Cultural History’, by Cynthia Barnett.” Financial Times, 5 May 2015,

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