Research Review Competition

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The Papers

2023: First Place – Jino Dority, Second Place – Misun Jin and Malgorzata Pyter, Third Place – Sarah Dhuman and Hayun Shin

2022: First Place – Perla Cuevas de León, Second Place – Arhum Aamir, Third Place – Chad R. Gonzalez, Alpha Haque, Nicholas Russell and Laura B. Supper

2020-21: First Place – Alex Palomo, Second Place – Mark Gilson and Kierstyn Diaz, Third Place – Arhum Aamir, Stella Gleitsman and Carine Norvez

2019: First Place – Lamia K. Hauter, Second Place – Emma Rosensaft, Third Place – Daniela Jaramilla Cardona, Marie Danielle Dere, Rilind Hoti and Manisha Singla

2018: First Place – Farhin Shariff, Second Place – Susan Lindell and Jennifer Tsuei, Third Place – Jianchang Ling, Samad Sunny and Maarten Vos

2017: First Place – Sukhrob Abdushukurov, Second Place – Ambar Castillo, Third Place – Phillip Mahony and Jennifer Tsuei

2016: First Place – Victoria Lindsay, Second Place – Jennifer Tsuei and Mark Rucktenwald, Third Place – Somayah Aljahmi and Patrick Hercules

2015: First Place – Jhon P. Ortiz, Second Place – Marie Brewer and Christopher Manes, Third Place – Briana Davis and Gjineta Sulaj

2014: First Place – Marie Brewer, Second Place – Isabel Becerra and Christian Genao, Third Place – Matthew Eichelberger, Asif Ibrahim and Alecia Medley

2013: First Place – Kathleen Johnson, Second Place – Marta Bochenko, Third Place – Sun Nam Bae and Cristhian Galindo

2012: First Place – Samantha Deokinanan, Second Place – Guilherme de Almeida Pedroso and Adrienn Miklos, Third Place – Ivo Angelo Fernandes and Deborah McCoy

2011: First Place – Venetia Siblal, Second Place – Adrienn Miklos, Third Place – Keiko Matsuura and Brontis Shane Orengo

2010: First Place – Paola Patino, Second Place – Ivonne Uquillas, Third Place -Ashley E. Balavender and Richard J. Sepulveda

2009: First Place – Christina Gloger, Second Place – Brian Ocasio, Third Place – Luis K. Feliz and Merle E. Holloman Honorable Mentions – Fiona A. Stiller and Jing Wang

2008: First Place – Max Zampieri, Second Place – Pablo C. Avila and Rachelle Noel, Third Place – Sandra Yee

2007: First Place – Carolyn T. Gutierrez, Second Place – Sawrab Karim and Judy M. Porter, Third Place – Chang H. Kim and Rukhmini Nauth

2006: First Place – Annette Valella, Second Place – Kaori Ishikura, Third Place – Bertrand Toulouse and Agnieszka Zalewska-Zuber, Honorable Mentions – Jin Yee Ching, Catherine Dean, Marta Walinska

2005: First Place – Dawn R. Hunter, Second Place – Catherine Mrakovcich and Asako Suzuki, Third Place – Ginger Albertson and Sammy Ismail

2004: First Place – Pearlie Singh, Second Place – Dmitry Zakrevski and Yukari Seki, Third Place – Ginger Albertson

2003: First Place – Judy Denby, Second Place – Eliana Bonaguro, Third Place – Liat Vashdi-Bonanno, Daniel Recalde, and David Wang