Research Review Competition

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LaGuardia Community College Policy on Academic Integrity

This section includes the names of the classroom instructors and the year(s) their student(s) won.

Prof. Christopher Alexander, 1st Place 2008

Dr. Marian Arkin, 3rd Place 2008, 2nd Place 2006

Dr. Ece Aykol, 3rd Place 2022

Dr. Darren Barany, 3rd Place 2016

Dr. Lenore A. Beaky, 1st Place 2007

Dr. Lara Beaty, 3rd Place 2019

Dr. Bojana Blagojevic, Honorable Mention 2009

Dr. Rachel Boccio, 2nd Place 2019

Dr. Edna Boris, 2nd Place 2003

Prof. Vanessa Brown, 3rd Place 2018

Prof. Vanessa Brown, 3rd Place 2018

Dr. Olga Calderon, 3rd Place 2023, 3rd Place 2022

Prof. Nolan Chessman, 2nd Place 2011

Dr. Pui Yee Chung, 3rd Place 2022

Dr. J. Elizabeth Clark, 1st Place 2011, 2nd Place 2008

Dr. Lorraine L. Cohen, 2nd Place 2008

Dr. Sorin Cucu, 1st Place 2022, 3rd Place 2017

Prof. Ellen Czuchlewski, 1st Place and 2nd Place 2009, 3rd Place and Honorable Mention 2006, 2nd Place 2004

Prof. Michele de Goeas-Malone, 3rd Place 2015

Dr. Richard Dragan, 3rd Place 2011

Dr. Thomas A. Fink, 3rd Place 2010, 2nd Place 2005

Dr. Nurper Gokhan, 3rd Place 2003

Prof. Lee Goldberg, 3rd Place 2009

Dr. Gail Green-Anderson, 2nd Place 2005

Dr. Naomi Greenberg, 3rd Place 2003

Elliot Hearst, 3rd Place 2014, 2nd Place 2013, 2nd Place 2010

Prof. Daniel Hegarty, 3rd Place 2013, 3rd Place 2009, 1st Place 2005

Prof. Steve Housepian, 3rd Place 2013, 3rd Place 2012

Dr. Tomoaki Imamichi, 2nd Place 2023

Dr. Heidi Johnsen, Honorable Mention 2006

Prof. Caron Knauer, 3rd Place 2019, 1st Place 2016, 3rd Place 2016

Dr. Karlyn Koh, 2nd Place 2016

Prof. Ellen Lee, 1st Place 2019

Dr. Louis Lucca, 3rd Place 2004

Prof. Fern Luskin, 2nd Place 2023, 2nd Place 2022

Dr. Michael Lund, 3rd Place 2015

Dr. Daniel Lynch, 2nd Place 2004

Dr. Arianna Martinez, 3rd Place 2019, 3rd Place 2018, 2nd Place 2012

Prof. Neddy McMills, 2nd Place 2016, 3rd Place 2012, 1st Place 2006

Dr. Elizabeth McCormick, 3rd Place 2011

Dr. Karen P. Miller, 2nd Place 2018, 2nd Place 2012, 3rd Place 2007

Dr. Holly Porter-Morgan, 3rd Place 2022, 2nd Place 2014

Prof. Benita Noveno,1st Place 2014

Prof. Maria M. Novilla, 2nd Place 2012

Dr. LaRose Parris, 3rd Place 2017

Dr. Kimberly del Busto Ramírez, 3rd Place 2018

Prof. Victor Rosa, 3rd Place 2010

Dr. Tara Scales, 2nd Place 2020-21

Prof. Nathan Schrader, 2nd Place 2020-21

Prof. Jesse Schwartz, 2nd Place 2015

Dr. Charity Scribner, 2nd Place 2015

Prof. David Sibbitt, 3rd Place 2023

Dr. Naomi Stubbs, 3rd Place 2020-21

Prof. David Styler, 1st Place 2015, 2nd and 3rd Place 2007, 3rd Place 2006

Dr. Laura Tanenbaum, 3rd Place 2020-21, 1st Place 2018, 2nd Place 2012

Dr. Gordon Tapper, 1st Place 2012

Dr. Eleanor Tignor, 1st Place 2004, 1st Place 2003

Dr. Lilla Toke, 2nd Place 2018, 1st Place 2017

Prof. Diane Tomko, Honorable Mention 2006

Prof. Lhamo Tshering, 1st Place 2023

Dr. Phyllis van Slyck, 3rd Place 2014, 1st Place 2010, Honorable Mention 2009

Dr. Leonard Vogt, 3rd Place 2004

Prof. William Weydig, 2nd Place 2008, 3rd Place 2003

Dr. James Wilson, 1st Place 2020-21, 3rd Place 2020-21, 3rd Place 2019, 2nd Place 2007

Dr. Susan Young, 3rd Place 2005

Prof. Bonnie Walker, 1st Place 2013

Prof. Sandra Wozniak, 2nd Place 2014