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LaGuardia Community College Policy on Academic Integrity


2007- “Lucy: Mother of All Humankind” by Rukhmini Nauth
2007- “Tools, Animals and the Humans Who Still Don’t Understand Them” by Sawrab Karim

Art and Biography

2003- “Vincent Van Gogh’s The Starry Night'” by David Wang

Death and Dying

2013- “Funeral Services: Fifty Years After Jessica Mitford” by Sun Nam Bae
2005- “The Expensive and Gory Details” by Dawn Rochelle Hunter


2015- “Literacy Knowledge and Skills of English Language Learners” by Gjineta Sulaj
2008- “The Fallacy of American Pedagogy” by Sandra Yee
2006- “Online Education: Rookie in the Education World” by Kaori Ishikura

Environmental Science

2023- “Indigo Dye and Environmental Effects” by Jino Dority
2022- “Effects of Precipitation on Nitrate and Heavy Metal Concentration in Contrasting New York City Waterways” by Nicholas Russell
2019- “South Bronx Unite: An Organization Securing A Bright Future for South Bronx Residents” by Emma Rosensaft
2019- “Marginalized Communities Fight for Environmental Justice” by Marie Danielle Dere
2014- “A Chemical Analysis of Water Quality Near CSOs in NYC” by Isabel Becerra


2005- “Globalization of Agriculture: How Equitable Is It?” by Catherine Mrakovcich


2022- “Food: The Unspoken Language of Immigrants” by Alpha Haque
2019- “The Changing Face of Food in the U.S.” by Lamia K. Hauter
2018- “The Situation in the Meat Industry: Then and Now” by Samad Sunny
2017- “Plantains and Turmeric: Exploring Ethical Approaches and Merging Public Health-Nutrition Research and the Power of Performance to Address the Chronic Health Gap in Latino and Asian Indian NYC Communities” by Ambar Castillo
2014- “Effects of Deinstitutionalization: A Review of the Mental Health System in America” by Christian Genao
2008- “The Ventriloquist and the Puppet: Behind the Curtains of American Obesity” by Max Zampieri
2006- “Suddenly Sugar Is Not Looking So Sweet Anymore” by Bertrand Toulouse
2003- “Depression: The Under-Acknowledged Disability” by Eliana Bonaguro


2018- “Black Lives Matter: More Than Just a Movement” by Farhin Shariff
2018- “Being Blind to Race is Being Blind to Racism” by Susan Lindell
2018- “The Role of Librarianship in American Colonial Philippines, 1898-1915” by Jennifer Tsuei
2017- “W. E. B. Du Bois: Highlights of His Life and Work” by Jennifer Tsuei
2016- “My Lai State of Mind” by Mark Rucktenwald
2012- “Bonded by Independence: The Influence of Ghana’s Independence on the United States” by Guilherme de Almeida Pedroso
2012- “My Lai Massacre: A Truly Vicious Circle” by Ivo Angelo Fernandes
2012- “Slavery in New York: A Story Untold a Million Times” by Adrienn Miklos
2012- “The Technology and Science Behind the Death Camps of the Holocaust” by Samantha Deokinanan
2009- “Japanese Immigration” by Brian Ocasio
2009- “The Lost ‘Heimat’ Germany’s Expellees: Hitler’s Final Victims” by Christina Gloger
2008- “Construction: African Burial Ground National Monument” by Rachelle Noel
2008- “Immigration and Struggle: Two Important Issues from the Past and the Present” by Pablo C. Avila
2006- “Emigration from Hong Kong During the 1980’s and 1990’s” by Jin Yee Ching
2006- “The Forced Migration of Poles During World War II and In the Aftermath”
by Agnieszka Zalewska-Zuber
2006- “Irish Hunger Memorial” by Marta Walinska
2006- “Liberty State Park: The Park Wannabe” by Catherine Deane
2004- “Italian Immigration to the United States in the 20th Century” by Dmitry Zakrevski
2004- “Kleindeutschland, Yorkville, and Somewhere Else: The German Community in Yorkville
from the Dawn to the Decline” by Yukari Seki


2010- “Asking ‘Why?’ After 9/11” by Ashley Balavender

Language and Literature

2022- “Into the Heart of Darkness” by Perla Cuevas de Leon
2017- “The Minotaur Speaks: Narrative Innovations in Modernist Short Fiction” by Phillip Mahony
2016- “Toward a Hermeneutics of Franz Kafka’s ‘In the Penal Colony'” by Jennifer Tsuei
2015- “The Illusion of Power: Hyper-masculinity & Female Autonomy in the The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao” by Marie Brewer
2014- “Feminist Literature at the Turn of the 20th Century” by Marie Brewer
2014- “Folktales As Tools in Edwidge Danticat’s Breath, Eyes, Memory and “Nineteen Thirty-Seven” by Matthew Eichelberger
2014- “A Controlling Duke” by Asif Ibrahim
2014- “You Were Never Out of My Mind’: A Reflection of Life in ‘Babylon Revisited’” by Alecia Medley
2013- “Creators and Their Monstrous Offspring” by Marta Bochenko
2011- “Will Androids Dream of Being Free?” by Brontis Shane Orengo
2009- “A Thousand Year Transmission of ‘The River-Merchant’s Wife: A Letter'” by Jing Wang
2009- “What the Heck Is All the Cursing About???” by Merle Holloman
2007- “‘Dream Singers’ and ‘Story Tellers’: 1920’s Harlem and the Poetry of Langston Hughes” by Carolyn T. Gutierrez
2007- “The Fences and Bridges of African Americans” by Judy M. Porter
2006- “Looking for Daylight in Dark Corners Based on “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Annette Velella
2005- “The Complex Sentimentalist: A Study of Deconstruction as Applied to, and by, e.e. cummings”
by Ginger Albertson
2005- “Permanent Scars: Survivors’ Trauma” (Maus) by Asako Suzuki
2004- “Janie’s Quest for Fulfillment in Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God” by Pearlie Singh
2003- “The Men in Janie’s Life in Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God” by Judy Denby

Law and Careers

2003- “There’s a dream…and then, there’s reality!” by Liat Vashdi-Bonanno

Mass Media and Broadcasting

2004- “The Battle Over Media Deregulation” by Ginger Albertson


2023- “Effects of Collective Trauma on the Mental Health of Koreans and Resilience Strategies” by Misun Jin
2023- “Salmonellosis: Etiological Overview and Global Impacts” by Hayun Shin
2022- “The Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in India” by Laura B. Supper
2022- “Dental Caries” by Chad R. Gonzale
2020-21- “Lessons from San Francisco’s Spanish Flu Epidemic” by Alex Palomo
2020-21- “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: The Curse of Lacking Control” by Arhum Aamir
2020-21- “NYC Homeless & COVID-19: All but Forgotten” by Kierstyn Diaz
2019- “Robots in Hospitals and Nursing Homes” by Manisha Singla


2020-21- “The Story of the First Girl Punks: Slits and Cuts in the Fabric of Patriarchy” by Stella Gleitsman

Population Control

2010- “The A Posteriori Overpopulation Bomb” by Richard J. Sepulveda


2011- “Personality Psychology” by Keiko Matsuura


2005-“Short and Long Term Effects of Recycling” by Sammy Ismail


2023- “Hagia Sophia: Power, Religion, and the Consequences of Time” by Malgorzata Pyter
2022- “Hagia Sophia: A Christian Monument to the Power of Faith” by Arhum Aamir
2011- “Stoning” by Venetia Siblal
2010- “Divine Justice in Dante’s Inferno: The Creation of an Unbiased God” by Ivonne Uquillas


2023- “City Buildings vs. Earthquakes” by Sarah Dhuman
2018- “Enceladus as a Candidate for Life Outside the Habitable Zone of Our Solar System” by Maarten Vos
2003- “Genetic Age: Prometheus’ Gift or Ominous Dystopia?” by Daniel Recalde

Social Sciences

2020-21- “Wives and the Limits of Aspirational Dryness” by Carine Norvez
2019- “Own Approaches to Men and Masculinity” by Daniela Jaramillo Cardona
2019- “The Zero-Tolerance Policy & School-To-Prison Pipelines” by Rilind Hoti
2018- “Study of Housing Discrimination in East Sunset Park” by Jianchang Ling
2017– “Robots in Jobs: Is It a Pandora’s Box for Human Employment?” by Sukhrob Abdushukurov
2016– “Social Media: #GivingPowertothePeople” by Patrick Hercules
2016– “Poverty: The Insidious Culprit of Obesity in America” by Victoria Lindsay
2016– “Geography and Ability” by Somayah Aljahmi
2015- “Drug Wars: The Other Approach” by Jhon P. Ortiz
2015- “Employment and the Ex-Offender: Difficulties of Re-Entry into Society” by Christopher Manes
2013- “Banks, Drugs and Terrorism: HSBC, An Example of the Profitable Partnership” by Kathleen Johnson
2013- “The Crucial Role of Social Media in Political Revolution” by Cristhian A. Galindo
2012- “Friends on Facebook, Strangers in Person” by Deborah McCoy
2011- “The Identity of Terror” by Adrienn Miklos
2009- “Deregulation in the Financial Services Industry: Cause & Effect” by Fiona A. Stiller
2009- “From the Plantation to the Jailhouse: How Incarceration Has been Used to Perpetuate White Supremacy” by Luis Feliz
2007- “Race, Racism and Science: World War II and the Cultural Aftershock in Asia” by Chang H. Kim

Veterinary Medicine

2020-21- “The Use of Lactulose in Reptilian Medicine” by Mark Gilson
2015- “Xylitol and 50% Dextrose” by Briana Davis

Women’s History

2010-“Voiceless Shadows: Women in a Patriarchal World” by Paola Patino