Book Chapter Scanning Service

About the Service

To facilitate access to our Textbook Reserves and Library’s Print Collection, we are offering book chapter scanning by request. Requests are made directly in OneSearch.

Need the full book? The Library is open in-person borrowing and requests can be made in OneSearch. Please watch this video for more information.

How To Submit

Once you find the book you want to request a chapter from, sign in to view and submit the request form. Instructions are available below.


  • Please only request one (1) chapter at a time. We cannot scan entire books.
  • Scans are for personal, educational use only.
  • We try to fill requests within 72 hours when we are open, but can take longer.
  • Fulfillment time will depend on limited staffing and demand (This time does not include weekends or holidays.)
  • Requests will be emailed to the email address listed on your Library Account.
  • We can only scan Reserve books from the LaGuardia Community College Library.
  • This service is limited to Students at LaGuardia Community College.

How can I get a scan of a book chapter?

To facilitate access to our course reserves and other library materials, the Library is continuing to scan chapters by request as part of our Book Chapter Scanning Service.

For Fall 2021 the service has changed slightly from previous semesters. Instructions for putting in requests are below.

How To Request

  1. Search for the book in OneSearch or go to the Library’s homepage and use the center search box
  2. Example of typing a book title into OneSearch on the Library home page

  3. Find the book in the list of results and click on the name to see the information about the book

    Example of search results in OneSearch


  5. You should see this on the screen. At this point, you will have to sign in using your CUNY Login (same login information as Blackboard/CUNYFirst)

    Alert on a OneSearch record saying that "to see more request options, sign in"


  7. If chapter scanning is available for this book, you will see a link for “Chapter Scan.” For books with multiple volumes you will have to let us know which volume.

    Scanning options for books that have multiple volumes link says "Request scan from a specific volume" and next to each volume it says "Request a chapter scan from this volume'


  9. Fill out the form and hit “Submit”. Please tell us which chapter to scan in the request, otherwise it will delay processing your request.

    Example of a Chapter Scan request form