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Library credit classes (LRC102, LRC103, LRC104 and LBN105)

For more information, contact: Prof. Galina Letnikova at 718-482-5476 or gletnikova@lagcc.cuny.edu or the Library Reference Desk at 718-482-5425 or teachinglibrary@lagcc.cuny.edu

LBN 105 — InfoCity: Informed Citizens in the Information Age

A three-credit Liberal Arts and Urban Studies course.

The course explores research methods through the examination of information and data about New York City and field assignments such as visitations of NYC libraries and local government organizations.

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LRC 103 — Internet Research Strategies

Is the Internet too much for you? When you do research, do you feel like you work for the Internet?

Why not put the Internet to work for you!

LRC 103: Internet Research Strategies is a one-credit course designed to familiarize students with:

Interested? The Pre/Corequisites are CSE099 and ENG099.

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LRC 102 — Information Strategies: Managing the Revolution

Prerequisites: ENG 099 and CSE 099. Corequisite: MAT 096.

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LRC 104 — Information in a Globalizing World

This is a two-credit, Liberal Arts elective that examines how information is produced, used, and controlled in our increasingly global, knowledge-based world. The course will address the issues that underlie such questions as:

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