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Find a research guide or course guide

These guides are designed to get you started with your research. They will show you books, subscription databases, and reliable web sites to consult for information on a particular research topic or course.

Research Guides

image representing a digital humanities word cloud'

Digital Humanities

Presents resources including digital archives projects, text analysis, maps, simulations, big data, and the transformation of art and humanities through the use of digital media.

Electronic Research for Faculty and Staff

Scholarly Material From Your Office (or Living Room)

Academic Research Basics

Academic Research Basics

This guide is for any student who has to do any kind of academic research for any kind of assignment or for faculty who are assigning research for their students.

5 Pointz by Selina Chan

Art History Research Guide

This guide will help you find books, articles, images, and other information about varied art history topics: artists, works of art, concepts, movements.

NYC Panorama

Art in New York City

This guide provides information about New York City museums, galleries, and arts organization.

image representing an ''I am an American sign''

Asian American Fiction

Some resources for doing background research on Asian American studies, history and finding literary criticism about specific authors.

Biographical Resources

Books and Web sites that will help you find biographies.

Comic Books and Graphic Novels

A library research guide to help write about comics/manga. This is a work-in-progress, so please let us know if you have any suggestions.

Common Readings

Research information for investigating and exploring the annual LaGuardia Common Reading.

image representing a call number

Finding a Book on the Shelf Using the Call Number

This guide shows you how to find a book on the shelf once you've found it in the catalog.

Finding and Using Census Data

This guide will show you how to find Census data online. This is helpful for learning about your neighborhood. This guide includes videos.

montage for first year seminar image

First Year - Student Success Research Guide

A brief overview of the kinds of student services that are available at LaGuardia or in need of improving basic student skills, like note-taking or time management.

Higher Education Literature

A guide for faculty conducting research into higher education.

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Honors Conference Research Guide

This guide's purpose is to make doing research a more meaningful and less daunting academic experience for LaGuardia's Honor Conference Students.

image representing an internment poster

Japanese American Internment

A library research guide created to support English classes studying texts such as John Okada's No-No Boy.

cover of a 1987 LaGuardia yearbook

LaGuardia's 40th Anniversary

A guide to using historic documents to trace the history of College. Many of these documents are available via CUNY Academic Works.

Legal and Paralegal Research

Web sites and search strategies for legal and paralegal research here at LaGuardia.

LibGuides for Faculty

LibGuides for Faculty

This guide is intended for the faculty who are interested in creating an easy to edit Web presence for their supplemental materials for courses, options, programs, and scholarship.

New York City Neighborhood Demographics

Where to find online information about the demographics of New York neighborhoods.

New York Neighborhoods

How to research the City and the five boroughs.

Nursing Resources

A look at print and online nursing resources

Pre-1500 Resources

Information on African History, Aztecs, Incas, Mayas, Olmecs, and Tainos or Arawaks.

Statistical Resources

Non-subscription web sites dealing with statistics.

Teaching #BlackLivesMatter: Race, Policing & Protest

For students and faculty to gain a better understanding of the deaths of unarmed individuals by police officers and the protests that centered on notable cases in 2014.

image representing a YouTube video tutorial from the library

Two-Minute Videos: Video Guides to Help You Use the Library

Short video guides to help you use subscription databases like LexisNexis and JSTOR.

Veterinary Technology Resources

A guide to veterinary technology web sites from non-subscription web resources.

Course Guides

image representing Eastern Philosophy and Religion

Eastern Philosophy and Religion

Library resources to support classes such as HUP 121 - Eastern Philosophy and Religion.

image representing a book cover

Latinx or Latina/o Studies

Library resources to support ENG 248.7475, Latina/o Writing in the United States

cover image of ''Kindred''

Octavia Butler

Library resources to support ENG103: Thesis-based and Encyclopedic Writing.

image representing a zombies

Zombie Guide

Library resource page originally created for ENG103.2692 (Fall 2014).

General Purpose Guides

image representing lesiurely reading (including the beach!)

Leisure Reading

A guide to the Library's browsing and audiobook collections, plus others.

Mobile Research Tools

Apps and mobile-optimized links to help you with your research.

Other Libraries

A guide to finding and using other libraries in New York City (and on the Web).

image representing Personal Finance

Personal Finance

Guide to library and online resources related to personal finance and entrepreneurship. Topics include budgeting, saving, credit, investing, debt, identity theft, and starting a small business.

Personal Preservation Tips

Personal Preservation Tips

This guide will go over how to store photographs and letters, ways to scan your documents, tips for managing your digital files, and more.

image someone thinking about citation

Plagiarism Prevention Guide

Learning what PLAGIARISM is can help you avoid it and save you from embarrassment.